Point Standings


Lubbock Saddle Club Playdays

These points are "unofficial" and are subject to change.  All unofficial points and rides will be listed.  To be eligible for year end awards contestants must be a member of LSC and have completed a minimum of  events.  LSC has 8 playdays with 6 events run each playday.  You must have also worked one event from setup through tear down per playday and be a member of LSC for your points to count.  

You may join the club at any point during the year and your points will count from that point on as long as you work your one event per playday.  Memberships are good from November 1st until October 31st of the following year, at which point memberships will need to be renewed.

Playday Points

playday points as of 03/02/2019

Name                           Points          Rides


Aubrey Gillespie              30               6

Tatem Flores                      30               6

Super Peewee Girls

Tyleigh Flores                    30               6

Super Peewee Boys

Peewee Girls

Peewee Boys

Wyatt Smith                          30         6

Junior Girls

Jya McNeal                                 26          6

Madison Fox                              23          6

Chloe Silhan                               8            2

Junior Boys

JD Hartman                                  29            6

Little Joe Smith                           17            6

Intermediate Women

Kailtlyn Jones                              30            6

Amy Gallemore                           20             6           

Rachel Zikmund                         19            6

Laura Perko                                 13            6

Intermdiate Men

Senior Women

Angela Gillespie                             24            6

Freda Bell                                        21            6

Jana Smith                                      20            6

Mandi Bell                                      12            4   

Heather Silhan                                3             2       

Senior Men

John Jones                                       27            6

Joe Smith                                         27            6

Jimmy Edwards                               18           6

Super Senior Women

Debbie Mason                                  20            6

Super Senior Men


Melisa Hill                                         27            6

Emily Herrington                             19            4